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Transform your Training - The Metalog Method - Book

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Tobias Voss shows you how to turn games into high-impact interventions and how to enrich Experience-Oriented Learning methods with systemic thinking and the latest research into how the brain learns. This insightful book is a treasure trove for all lovers of real learning and a must-have for METALOG training tools enthusiasts.

An independent trainer and coach since 1994, Tobias Voss developed the METALOG training tools out of one simple desire: to have a dynamic, long-term impact on his clients’ learning success.

“This book has given me a treasure trove of practical tips for my work as a trainer. Although I have extensive experience as a trainer, I am still really thankful for the new insights into a wide range of training concepts that this highly stimulating book provides. It replaces a lot of long-winded, inefficient training literature. It explains clearly how to reach participants, how to manage resistance and how to generate and sustain intrinsic motivation for learning. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about delivering effective, sustainable skills training, and who wants to provide their learners with the space they need to develop.”
- Jo Bergfex, Trainer



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Lieferzeit 1-3 Tage innerhalb Deutschlands (außer Express)
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